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About Us

Our Story – Extra Natural

Extra Natural Sdn Bhd is established in 2007 importing and supplying frozen fruits, vegetables, snack food and natural sweetener. Mainly our products cater to people from HORECA to food industries in Malaysia to reduce reliance on labour, improve production efficiency as well as the supply consistency, People in the urban area is moving at a fast pace, hence people demand for more convenient and natural food to keep up with their daily life. 


For fruits and vegetable, their prices fluctuate depending on the supply and demand of the particular commodity. Cost of the commodity tend to ruse when there's a spike in demand. Hence business owner need to adjust their costings from time to time. Instead of doing these work in a recurring basis, they can focus on developing new business opportunity. That's where we come in to solve the consistency issue in term of goods supply and cost. 


We bring interesting form of snack food (eg: banana nugget, cempedak nugget, durian nugget and etc.) to the household shelve where you can find them in supermarket also in food operators where you can dine in or take away. Instead of having to prepare it yourself from scratch, we make them frozen so that they are convenient to prepare without going through the hassles. Now they are more choices for people to be able to enjoy local delights without limiting to buy them by the street only.